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Are you in the know?? Who exactly is Born on the 4th of July and where did they come from..........

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Our 10 Veteran owners have served our great nation’s Armed Forces in some capacity for more than 150 years combined. For some, the public service and civic duties did not stop when they took off the uniform. Many stepped up as Volunteers with different Veterans’ organizations.

We are enlisted and officers alike. Our experience ranges from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Many have witnessed combat in multiple theaters. As a group, we are accomplished American Citizens that are passionate about our selfless service. 

Commitment to service, loyalty and duty has been our way of life. We carry these values forward in our business endeavors. We support our Veterans, Military Members and their families – while embracing the Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independenceand Bill of Rights.

Our VISION with made in America products will allow anyone to share in our continued support for this Nation’s military and freedoms. Our artists’ gifted designed product lines will stir emotions additionally portraying pride in our Country’s armed forces; the rights our forefathers fought to secure as well as to leave as our legacy. We are also pleased to team with other Veteran-owned companies in order to bring you more made in America, quality products.

BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY is meant for everyone who still believes in the Red, White & Blue; has patriotic blood pumping through their veins. Maybe, you’re like us and want to have a little fun too. If you still get chills when our nation’s anthem is played, you are in the right place!

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